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Saffron, the Vegetarian Eatery, is a resort upscale restaurant that provides a high-end, yet approachable, group dining experience. Our carefully crafted menu is brought together with excellent ingredients, fine cooking techniques, and intuitively personalized table service. Saffron delivers a truly holistic experience whilst surprising and delighting guests with a new kind of luxury dining, which is less about the fancy frills and more about the overall quality. We believe that dining out should always be considered an experience, something that tantalizes the senses and opens your eyes to the beautiful possibilities of taste, aroma, and texture. We strive to harness the potential of texture and flavor to deliver an extraordinarily sensational meal until the very last bite.

Saffron, the Vegetarian Eatery, hopes to keep creating exceptional vegetarian experiences for our guests and diners for years to come.


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